Prescriptive Fitness is a personal exercise plan developed basing on sports medicine, and supported by various relevant professionals including doctors,dietitians,physiotherapists , human engineer and fitness experts in exercise science.

Prescriptive Fitness program focuses on achieving optimal body ratio, balance go body posture, and cardiovascular function enhancement through a variety of interesting and manageable physical exercise.

-Tailor-makes your fitness program which caters to your individual needs.
-Gives a better fit for your busy schedule from our flexible time frame.
-Utilizes your valuable time to maximize the result of your health and fitness.
-Provides a private and quiet training room to minimize any interruption.
-Pays as you train. No membership and joining fee.
-Founded from fitness training institute- ATFP. Lesson will be instructed by degreed and certified fitness professional.
-Claims from your insurance of health package

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