Human Engineering Technology (HET) has been developed as an extension of human anatomy, exercise physiology and fitness training methodology. It is a scientific training programme designed under the auspices of sports medicine. HET can be used for many purposes, including muscle toning, fat loss, developing positive thinking, easing stress, increasing cardio-vascular endurance, realigning the body frame, alleviating back pain and reducing chronic pain from a sedentary lifestyle.
In this fun and interesting programme, we use a variety of over 100 exercise devices for training. You will be supplied with the most suitable exercises, high-tech exercise equipment and optimal exercise timing which together will help you reach your personal health goals in the shortest time possible.

The ABCs of HET:
Assess your health needs
Briefing by our professionals
Carry out the HET training

The HET programme is conducted by a team of health and fitness experts. Team members include a doctor specialising in osteopathy, physiotherapists, a psychologist, master trainers, international fitness speakers and fitness specialists. All of our fitness specialists have more than three years teaching experience in one-on-one training and have specialized fitness qualifications.
To experience firsthand the health and energy benefits of HET or for more information, you can call us for an appointment. Our consultant (contact information below) will be most happy to entertain your enquiries and set up a health assessment. One call can make all the difference.

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